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The Ten Greatest War Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

“Year at Danger” is the second film listed on Art Attack’s list of the Ten Greatest War Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen.

Steve Metze, then a major in the National Guard, created this documentary about his deployment at Forward Operating Base “Danger” in Tikrit, Iraq, in 2005. It offers unfiltered, uncensored coverage of the day-to-day life of a combat soldier, from the often excruciating boredom to the terror of frequent mortar and rocket attacks. In this day of sanitized media coverage and “pool” journalism, you’re probably never going to see a chronicle this raw and uncensored.

Music Video!

Clips from Year at Danger (some of which didn’t make it into the finished film) are going to appear in a music video for Jesse Dayton’s song “I’m Comin’ Home” from the album “Voices of a Grateful Nation Volume 1.” Sales of the album benefit the Welcome Home Project and Soldiers’ Angels.

The video is currently in post-production and we’ll post it on here once it’s finished, but until then you can learn more about the album and the Welcome Home Project on their website.

Film Threat Calls Year at Danger One of the Best of the Fests 2008

Film Threat has just released its list of ” indie films from the festival circuit that didn’t suck.” They included Year at Danger and said “Little can prepare you for Steve Metze’s uncensored, unexpurgated account of life on the ground at FOB “Danger” near Tikrit, Iraq. […] this may very well be the best documentary of the year. And none of you saw it.” Check out the whole list right here.