“An extraordinary achievement … truly remarkable … a thoroughly unvarnished account of a soldier’s life in Iraq. … this may very well be the best documentary of the year.” ¶¶¶¶¶

Pete Vonder Haar, Film Threat

“They show raw emotion, holding nothing back and Metze, a brilliant storyteller, combines this with his dry humor and flawless wit.”

Fred Minnick, National Guard Magazine,
The Official Publication of the National Guard

“…unfolds like a traditional action film, really. … This is an incredibly powerful, emotionally moving and deeply resonant documentary.”

Mike Everleth, Bad Lit
The Journal of Underground Film

“…immensely powerful…”

Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

“A stunning first hand account … a side of war you can’t take your eyes off of.”


“Must-see … anybody who has deployed or is about to will benefit from watching this movie with their loved ones.”

Seamus O’Connor, Military Times

“…touching and deeply affecting but never grinds a political ax to the left or right.”

Frank Kearl, Austin Film Festival

5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. This is a great non-political film showing what our wonderful military experience while they are away. Finally, when I ask “what’s it like over there?” someone can just answer — “SEE THE MOVIE!”. Great job.

  2. This is a compelling, honest depiction of a soliders life in Iraq. The films unpolished feel adds to the emotional impact on the viewer. It takes you on a journey through a range of emotions. I came out of this screening having a deeper empathy and understanding for the men and women who serve in the armed forces. Thank you for making this film. Everyone who has seen it raves about it, I feel like it was the best documentary film at the Austin Film Festival last October and I hope to hear more about it in the future.

  3. Should be required viewing for ALL Americans. One soldier’s personal film diary becomes universal as we follow his tour in Iraq. There’s no agenda. We experience it just as it unfolds for him and those in his worlds there and at home. It’s warm, funny, sad, gritty, gripping, engaging, frustrating, ironic. Important in showing what it’s like when soldiers are ordered to become policemen.

  4. I vote for a screening in Cleburne…ok, well maybe Ft. Worth. So many down here are eagerly awaiting to see this documentary filmed by one of our local heroes. Also, can’t wait for the DVD.

    Thank you for your service, Steve. It is sincerely appreciated. Keep making great films!

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