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deadCENTER Wrap Up

We are very pleased to announce that Year at Danger took home the Grand Jury Prize at the deadCENTER Film Festival.

It was an amazing festival and we’d like to thank Kim Haywood, Melissa Scaramucci, Cacky Poarch and everyone else at the deadCENTER Film Festival for a fantastic weekend. We also saw some great films including The Stanton Family Grave Robbery, Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story, Split: A Divided America, Night of the Hell-Hamsters, Drag King, and Unsolved. Thanks for everything!

GI Film Festival Wrap Up

Steve Metze with Chief of Staff of the Army, General George W. Casey, Jr, at the G.I. Film Festival
Steve Metze with Chief of Staff of the Army, General George W. Casey, Jr, at the G.I. Film Festival

We’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend at the GI Film Festival in Washington, DC. Steve got a chance to meet and catch up with Chief of Staff of the Army / his old boss in Bosnia, General Casey, and we also saw some great films including Swim (which went on to win the GI Spirit Award), Facing the Enemy, and God and Country – these films are all making the festival circuit and are worth seeking out! Thanks to Brandon and Laura for a fantastic weekend!

Flatland: The Movie

My friend Dano’s new movie is having it’s world premiere in Austin on May 20th.

Regal Arbor Cinemas
Sunday, May 20th
3:00 PM
Program will last approximately 1 hour
Local cast & crew in attendance!

Flatland: The Movie is an animated adaptation of the beloved mathematical fantasy by Edwin A. Abbott. Developed for educators to inspire their students, the film is also an entertaining and humorous adventure through multiple dimensions. Note I did not use the word ‘mathemagical’… despite the overwhelming temptation.

Starring: Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Joe Estevez, and Michael York. With Danu Uribe, Lee Eddy, Gary Peters, Shannon McCormick, T. Lynn Mikeska, & Robert Murphy.

Screenplay: Seth Caplan, Dano Johnson, & Jeffrey Travis
Producer: Seth Caplan
Director of Animation: Dano Johnson
Original Music: Kazimir Boyle
Directors: Jeffrey Travis & Dano Johnson

For more info:
Flatland: The Movie site
Austin Film Festival – event sponsor